Temecula Tech Academy Summer Camps

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11:00 am-2:00 pm

$120 per Camp*

$99 for Temecula Tech Academy Members*

*Discounts on select camps. Check registration for final price.

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Green Energy (6/5/17-6/8/17)

Solar power, wind, and more! Make a wind powered vehicle, a solar powered turbine and other interactive projects!  Green energy is powering up our world and it has never been so fun!

Ages 7+

Fun with Scratch! (6/12/17-6/15/16)

Video games are fun to play but they are even more fun when you custom create them! Using scratch, you are the game designer! Add images that pop, exciting sounds, fun characters, and more!

​Ages 7+

Minecraft: Turtle Madness! (6/19/17-6/22/17)

Using the Lua programming language on the ComputerCraft mod, students will be able to program a “turtle” (or robot block) to do their bidding. From planting and harvesting crops, to battling your enemies, your turtle can do it all! (Minecraft account required)

​Ages 7+

3D Modeling with Fusion 360 (6/26/17-6/29/17)

Immerse yourself in the 3D digital world! With the Computer-Aided Designing software Fusion 360, learn how to sketch, measure, and assemble handheld creations and watch them come to life on a 3D Printer before your very eyes!

​Ages 7+

App Inventor (7/10/17-7/13/17)

Create fun apps using MIT’s app inventor and make your ideas come to life! Acquire the skills and knowledge of Java’s syntax and programming style that expands across many different languages! Learn how to program like an app developer while creating your own game! (Android phone provided for class use).

​Ages 7+

Seaperch (7/17/17-7/20/17)

To date, more than 95% of the ocean remains unexplored. Scientists and Engineers are using unmanned submarines to explore the depths of the ocean. In our Seaperch camp you will work with a team to build a working remote operated submarine that you will later test!

​Ages 7+

Python Game Developer (7/24/17-7/27/17)

Using the Python Programming language develop interactive games that you and others can play! Become a game creator in our Game Development class; learn from how to program from the ground up and watch your creations come to life!

​Ages 7+

Robots 101 (7/31/17-8/3/17)

Robots are the way of the future and it is your turn to get involved! Become the Robotics Engineer you have always wanted to be in our robot camp. Learn how build a robot and program its sensors overcome fun challenges!

​Ages 7+

Video Game Creator (8/7/17-8/10/17)

Create and design your own interactive video game! Invent characters, build portals to travel through, make the game as challenging and fun as you want! You are the mastermind behind this game!

​Ages 7+