Premium Membership

Enjoy up to eight (8) days a month at the Tech Academy! These days can be used on any days you like and you can stay open until close! Membership perks include:

  • Autodesk Inventor Certification training.
  • A.P Computer Science tutoring.
  • Personal Engineering notebook.
  • $10/mo 3D printing allowance (rolls over every month).
  • Discounts on retail, classes and camps!
  • Take home Project of the Month.
  • FREE semester classes! (uses an access day per class).
  • Classes are free! (materials fees may apply).
  • Storage for ongoing projects.
  • Eligibility for competitive teams
Price: $149.00

Professional Membership

Enjoy up to twelve (12) days a month at the Tech Academy! Membership includes all perks included in the Basic Membership plus:

  • No materials fees for classes and camps!
  • Waived team membership fees.
Price: $199.00

Ultimate Membership

Enjoy unlimited access to everything we have to offer at the Tech Academy! Unlimited days! Unlimited use! The Ultimate Membership!

Price: $299.00